Crystal Facials

Is a Crystal Facial the Secret to Flawless Skin?

Lets talk crystal facial! Some of you might be thinking this is too “new age” for me? I am not sure about this so called voodoo you might be saying! Ten years ago, we would never have believed it, but our beautiful energetic crystals used in facial massage is not as new as you may think.

The crystal massaging technique has been used since Egyptian time, in Ancient India and way back to the Middle Ages. Pretty cool huh?

Were you aware of crystal energy in our modern world?

Rachelle Charman author and founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakenings states that the powerful properties and energies of crystals are used in many variations today. They are used in many different machines that run our technology. They hold memory in our computers and keep time in our watches. They are even in our TV’s. Our techno world would not exist today if it wasn’t for the use of crystals because most of our modern technology is run on crystal energy in some form or another.

Crystal Facial Application

So, if crystal energy can be utilised in technology, why can’t they be used in facials for skin benefits and to raise our vibrations? Fascinating to say the least.

With all this in mind lets now talk about the benefits of crystals in facial massage. The benefits are very extensive and can include reducing inflammation in the skin, improving skin tone, smoothing of lines, and the increase of blood circulation in turn revitalising the complexion. With the use of cool stones this helps with toxin elimination and on the plus side of these benefits is the deep relaxation of an alpha state you are put into whilst undergoing this massage process. Pretty cool huh?

Its a win, win if you ask me!

The crystal facial is a full facial service using energetic botanical products, so nothing is left out, but you really need to try this amazing treatment for yourself.

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