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Sharon has been a beautician servicing the Port Macquarie community for over 20 years.  Making people happy and satisfied by providing a professional, yet relaxing and tranquil place to receive only the best in highest standards of beauty care.

Beautifully presented rooms with dimmed lighting, peaceful music and comfortable surroundings will ensure that your tailor made treatment will be to your satisfaction.

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Roccoco About

Roccoco Botanicals Skincare

Roccoco About

Why I choose to use Roccoco Botanicals?

Roccoco Botanicals extracts are sourced from the vast Australian flora and the most beautiful places on the planet.  From the Canadian wilderness to the Swiss Alps, our actives come from all corners of the globe.  Roccoco allows you to have all the benefits of nature in your treatments. But with none of the allergies and reactions commonly associated with natural products.  The products just simply work!  Not only do they work, but results come quickly!

Roccoco is uniquely and ituitively formulated.  The founder Jacine Greenwood, utilizes this gift within every formulation.  This is the reason why our exceptional results are so very different to other ranges.  Roccoco has been a culmination of over 15 years research to bring you the gentlest and safest way to get accelerated results without the risks of further inflammation or damage to the delicate skin biome.

Roccoco Botanicals is a targeted professional skin care line.  It is formulated to treat all skin care concerns, has no known allergy aggravators, and does not use harsh chemical peels and targets all pathways that cause skin conditions.  My treatment protocols are based on a holistic approach.  I will also be able to advise you on targetted product selection and lifestyle factors, that will help you achieve the very best outcomes for your skin.

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